Sunday, August 5, 2012

women in business

Here, i am going to share researched views on women entrepreneurs.
Compared to most men entering business, most women are:

。more productive at work;

。more cautious;

。more accurate;

。more serious;

。more enquiring;

。more likely to admit to their weaknesses;

。more likely to seek and listen to advice;

。less inclined to push themselves forward;

。better at dealing with people;

。more likely to worry;

。more likely to underestimate themselves;

。more likely to accept responsibility when things go wrong.

Well, this list is a generalized view of women entrepreneurs but as we know, people vary, so feel free to make a further careful research on this...

I hope that sharing these views with you will encourage more women to develop the confidence that their ideas and abilities deserve. i will like to add that, i am avoiding conclusions on this topic.

Up next will be 'men in business'.

Check back soon! :-)

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