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My name is Evans. I am 28years old,A certified Computer Systems Engineer,a Blogger/Internet Entrepreneur, and i am from Ghana.

I did not like too well, the idea of most businesses being stagnant in a certain region, country or continent.
A business should be flexible and should target the global market, i.e. a global exchange of goods for hard currency, a global exchange of services for hard currency,and vice versa.
I researched extensively on how to start a good business with the above mentioned qualities, using minimum amount of start-up capital. So from my
research i discovered that i could achieve this goal 100% by starting an Internet Based Business. From the look of Markets,Internet Entrepreneurship will remain the best of businesses until further notice.

Well, it feels very exciting to me, and so,i thought i should share this idea - maybe
someone, somewhere is also thinking about: how to start a business? how to decide on a good one? where to start it...etc? and then, after thorough research,they realize they do not have sufficient start-up capital to see the business plan through. Well, this site is here to help you.

It is my sincere hope that the tips and online business opportunities i will share with you here will be embraced with diligence.Online business should be run like any other traditional business.
This is NOT a "quick money" business. But,with diligence and persistence, for 2-3years,you would be ADEQUATELY REWARDED.

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