Monday, August 6, 2012

men in business

To stay focused, early stage CEOs need to remember that there are just three important things that need to get done in a business. That is:
1. planning,
2. selling and
3. executing.
These tasks require three different mindsets. Some entrepreneurs can excel in all three roles, but the best ones are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and build their teams accordingly.

Although the gap is closing, men still start more companies than women. In comparison, firms run by men tend to:

。grow faster;

。get bigger;

。be more ambitious;

。be technically based;

。be better at self promotion;

。have trouble keeping staff;

。have more crises along the way.

Well, the facts of numbers clearly shows that male dominated firms continue, for the moment, to be the backbone of the small and medium business enterprises. i leave it to the social psychologists to explain why:)

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