Friday, July 27, 2012

The Spark (the big idea!).

On this blog, i am going to take you through the necessary steps in starting and running that dream business you have been thinking much about. I know someone will ask this “but how can you coach on how to run a bizz when i know you don't own a business yourself”? Well, lecturers teach business management and administration very well in our universities but most of them do not own physical businesses. However, my mentor is a very successful business mogul. That's just by the way!

A business is more or equal to taking care of a baby up till the time he/she can stand on his/her own feet. A business is only as successful as the time invested in it. You cannot run a business part-time and expect great success.

Every successful business is powered by a big idea- even if it's only a small firm. It comes before the product, market, premises, staff, money...etc.

Consider a religious or political movement, the whole point of a religion or political party is that it puts forward an idea , in this case a picture of future success, either in an afterlife or here on this planet.

Tap into the strength of the big idea, and you harness a surge of power that can carry a bizz on to worldwide recognition.

I will follow-up everyday with detailed posts on this topic so don't miss out:)

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