Saturday, July 28, 2012

intro. continued

Okay, i am continuing from where we stop the last time. Be aware that there is no government control on ideas, you don't have to pass an exam or buy a licence etc. To power your bizz with a big idea all you have to do is to think, to project your mind into that of the customer, to think what that person really wants. And then put it into action, in every aspect of your operations.

Everything you do should be fully consistent with your big bizz idea.
Suppose your big idea is to make the best engineered computer systems in the world - the finest design, the best components, and built to the closest tolerance.
Think of the customer who buys your computers, then takes it to the house or office to be installed and configured by an inexperienced person.

You see, although the computer is built using the best components and parts, wrong installation and configuration of the computer systems by a non-professional could entirely make the systems unusable.

It is not enough to do one part of the job well- the whole of the customer's experience has to be consistent with your big idea.

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