Thursday, August 9, 2012

what should i sell?

Let's take a look at how we can identify the best products or services to provide or sell to customers.
In most cases, it will be best to sell or provide the services that customers want. However, if it is an innovation, they may not know they want it, yet. But even within the scope of what they know, different customers want different things. For example, think of reasons why people would buy clothes:

。long lasting;




。good service;


。quick delivery;


Okay, this is a long list of reasons and counting. No clothing supplier could satisfy all those needs, which is why different suppliers address different segments of the market.

One of your first jobs is to identify the segment(s) you are aiming to serve, then sell to them.

Sometimes the buyer is buying for him/herself, sometimes too it could be that him/her is buying for someone; sometimes the decision is influenced by others.

Right! Now lets think about who takes the decision to buy from the following example suppliers:

。Toymaker - children, parents, grandparents, friends or relatives?

。Building contractor - householders or architects?

So a question- do those different audience want to hear the same message from the suppliers? Look carefully how it is in your chosen trade. Observe your market carefully, ask around, investigate - find out how people buy where you plan to operate and gear your plan accordingly. Following these steps should point you in the right direction.

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