Friday, August 3, 2012


Many people who are in businesses fall into one of the following categories: technical specialists, managers, administrators and sales people.

Okay, now lets take a look at the strengths and weaknesses of each of them.

1. The Technical Specialist

Strengths of Technical Specialists:



。curiosity about how things work;


。high standards;

。attention to detail.

Weaknesses of technical specialists:

。more interested in things than in people;

。undervalue their work;

。make things better but more expensive than the market wants;

。obsessed with products than customers;

。poor sales skills, believing that good things should speak for themselves.

Key challenge

Getting customer service skills. if they should team up with someone, that person should be an experienced sales person.

2. The Manager

Lets look at the strengths of the manager:

。getting things done to deadline;

。good planner;

。some managers deal with and manage people;

。big vision;

。understanding complexity;

。some managers have good communication and accounting skills.

Weaknesses of the manager:

。used to an institutional setting where many essential tasks are done by others;

。not used to doing the detailed dirty work;

。sometimes has an inflated sense of personal importance;

。difficulty in switching from institutional setting to entrepreneurial life.

Key challenge

Making the transition from narrow to total responsibility.

3. The Salesperson

Here are the strengths of the salesperson:

。big vision;



。good customer service.

Weaknesses of the salesperson:

。misplaced self-confidence;

。sometimes over optimistic;

。inexperienced in the complexity of other commercial functions;

。lack of caution;

。lack of planning.

Key challenge

To grasp the complexity of the whole whilst still using sales skills effectively. A strong minded administrator would make a good partner.

4. The Administrator

Here are strengths of the administrator:

。gets things done to deadline;

。good planner;

。understands complexity;

。good accounting skills;

。good record keeper;

。operates with caution.

And some weaknesses of the administrator are:

。sometimes, over-cautious;

。narrow vision;

。lacks social confidence;

。poor customer service skills.

Key challenge

Should broaden vision and develop customer service skills. The administrator's ideal partner would be an experienced salesperson.

Next, we would focus on ‘women in business’.

Happy Weekend! :)

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